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Recent Horrific Deeds of the Catholic Church

It’s a well documented fact that the Catholic Church is the largest organization of child rapists in human history, and many know that even after prosecution, many priests blame the victims, often toddlers, for ‘leading them on’.  Still today, the Catholic Church will not officially condemn pedophilia, and they will not help victims seek justice in any way.

Some know about the Catholic Church’s terrible methods of hiding evidence of their rapes, including the utter depravity of the sect of the church that specialized in providing a “home” for deaf children… who were sytematically raped because they could not report their crimes.  The only people who could translate sign language to police was the rapists themselves.

If you thought that was the lowest level of depravity that religion could go in our lifetime, you would be wrong.  Another group used a different method to silence the rapists: Castration of anyone who complained.


Catholic pedophiles and their enablers

Catholic pedophiles and their enablers