Is there harm in being Casually Religious?

At the ‘Ask an Atheist’ booth I’m often told there is “no harm” in being “casually religious”.

I usually just rattle off the top 5 reasons in my head, but I think it’s probably better that I present them with a complete list of the harm caused by being part of a religion.

Perhaps you guys can help me create a more complete list?

1) You become part of the “political force” that is trying to convert America to a Theocracy, send American troops to war for profit, and strip non-Christians of their civil rights.

2) You’ll be asked to contribute money, which will be used for church marketing and paying fines for child molestation convictions, and legal fees to fight against priest abuse victims

3) You’ll be counted as part of the “massive church membership” that is bragged about by church leaders when trying to intimidate scientists, politicians, and educators.

4) You’ll be teaching your children that personal beliefs are unimportant, and that you will become a submissive sheep under the command of an authority known for doing harm.

5) You’ll be a follower of hatred, when it comes to matters of race relations, homophobia, and similar issues.

6) You’ll be part of a group that glorifies willful ignorance, and be part of the fight AGAINST clean air and water. Your peers will openly claim that droughts are caused by abortions, and hurricanes
are caused by gay marriage.

Are there more?