How Not To Defend Atheism

I found this on the website of a guy who picketed our ‘ask an atheist’ booth this week in San Diego. The same guy can be seen with the same huge sign in Berkeley, over 2 years ago.

After watching, I think this is a setup and the “atheist” is a paid actor. If he shows up again I’m going to confront him about this video – can anyone else see signs that it’s faked? Here’s what I notice:

1) The ‘star’ is supposed to appear to be a “random jogger”, but notice that the cameraman is with him. At the beginning, you see him check to make sure the cameraman is ready for his rant, then begins his act.

2) The ‘star’ is dressed very differently from everyone else — as if the video planner wanted to make sure he stood out and looked ‘different’.

3) If this is a jogging area, where are the other joggers? In a place this busy, NO other joggers in the 9 minutes of the video? And jogging BAREFOOT? In 1980’s era gym shorts? Sorry, no. But let’s say this is something he normally does anyway — he would have a nice even tan down to his feet — yet he’s pasty white.

4) The ‘act’ begins with his statement that the man with the sign be arrested. All of the atheists I’ve met are strong on freedom of speech, especially since it’s what protects atheist speech while we are a minority, so it’s very odd to be against it. Even odder for that to be the first thing to yell… again, it’s more like an actor trying to draw a crowd by saying something outrageous.

5) He rant is nothing like atheist speech… “The only reason we allow you to live is because we won’t stoop to your level”?? Really? That sounds like something a Christian would write in a script for a movie like ‘Gods Not Dead’.

6) Notice by the 6:00 mark there are at least 6 people recording from the other direction, yet our actor makes sure he’s always facing THIS camera, and repeatedly repositions himself to have his body always facing this camera when he speaks. If he just wanted attention he would turn to face the bank of cameras on the other side, which were much closer. Also notice the “rage” starts and stops a couple of times, as he tries to remember the rest of his script.

Anything else I should ask the guy posting this video when I confront him?