Christians Caught on Video Recruiting Young Children

Our Ask-an-Atheist booth is a short walk from a set of religious booths, and on a couple of occasions we’ve had visitors from other countries express their anger that the Christian groups literally went after their young children.
Today while shooting background footage for this website, I accidentally caught these despicable people in action.

This particular “Jesus Booth” always annoys park visitors by having their staff stand in the middle of the walkway and try to force people to take their propaganda.  They do this all day, every day.

In this clip, a young boy in a red shirt is walking through the park between 2 adult males, one with a brown checkered shirt, the other man has a red shirt.

Watch the interaction.  The woman completely ignores the adults, and goes directly for the vulnerable child, handing him her literature for an organization best known for raping young boys about his age, using threats and intimidation.

No one should contact a child without a parent’s permission, EVER.