Proof of the Failure of Prayer

All major religions claim that its followers have a telepathic connection to a deity, and the deity enjoys hearing followers BEG.  This is called ‘prayer’, and prayers are supposed to be granted to believers and non-believers.

Many religious leaders even take it one step further, claiming to be a more direct connection to their God, and claim to be participating in that connection on stage and on camera by babbling in baby-talk (‘speaking in tongues’), thrashing around like they’re having a severe epileptic seizure, or ‘healing’ people by pushing them over backwards.  And for this, they expect a lot of cash… most of these religious leaders live in lavish mansions with private airports, golf courses, and horse stables.

If you spend any time at all listening to religious people, they’ll be happy to tell you that “God has a plan for everything and everyone”.  Even young children will smell the bullshit of the contradiction between the claim of a predetermined plan and one that is changed by begging.  People with no/low education or have no critical thinking skills will not realize that this is a logical contradiction.

But perhaps they are wrong in that God has a plan.  Billions of people claim to pray, so the world must be seeing a lot of benefits from all of those prayers, right?   WRONG.

Want evidence that prayer fails?  Would a Harvard University study be reputable enough?