The first thing you’ll notice about Jackpot is his voice.  His calm demeanor and deep radio-announcer voice immediately made me suspect that he was a minister or reporter trolling us, but he has proven otherwise.

JackpotJackpot’s not one to sit back and let it happen – at the weekly Ask-an-Atheist booth, he stands in front and to the side, approaching those who pause to read our signs our check out what we have in the booth.  He’s happy to chat with people at a high level about basic concepts of logical thinking, science, and morality, but he’s equally adept ‘getting deep’ in the black book of Christianity, often tasked with showing “devout Christians” that their book advocates for the owning and beating of slaves and other scriptures they seem to know nothing about after claiming to know the book inside and out.

Jackpot has put in many hours and generally works the book morning til night, but he never seems to lose his cool… even when 2 members of the “Jesus” booth cornered him for 2 hours spouting circular arguments trying to convert him.  They eventually left in failure, and Jackpot immediately resumed his position in front of the booth and greeted new visitors as it nothing had happened.

You can get Jackpot’s autograph pretty much any non-rainy Saturday at the Ask-an-Atheist booth in Balboa Park.