Index of Creationist Claims

The most fun and frustrating people to talk to are creationists — “Young Earth Creationists” to be more precise. These are the people (around 50% of Americans) who think that the Earth is only about 6,000 years old because the bible says so.

It takes a huge load of ignorance, lack of common sense, and pure gullibility to believe this, so it’s a little scary to be around people who are so ignorant of their surroundings and ignorant of basic science.

They claim that all of the scientists around the world are part of a huge anti-Christian conspiracy to “hide the truth”.  That’s the only way they can explain the mountains of evidence showing the Earth to be much older, such as radio-carbon dating, fossil, sediment tests, and so on.  Many very different scientific tests from many countries on many types of materials all show the same result — but the conspiracy theory says scientists are lying.  The funny part about this is that religious people fully trust those SAME scientists when they create drugs, medical procedures, computers, internet, and phones.  That’s a pretty odd, specific, and pointless “conspiracy”.

But of course there is more… much more to the stupidity.  And thankfully, someone has spent a lot of time documenting it for us: