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Atheistic Ethics leads to Pedophilia? Obviously, says Rabbi Moshe Averick

Another rabbi, another day. As readers of AS will know, I have often taken issue with the popular rabbinical pseudo-philosopher known as Shmuley Boteach. Article 1 Article 2 Today, I want to tackle a new Jewish pseudo-philosophical rabbi, Moshe Averick. We found out a few days ago via Jewish-American newspaper Algemeiner that Averick is not a fan of Princeton Ethics …

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Post-Rapture Day Blues

As I sit on my couch on May 22nd, 2011 in anticipation of my favorite soccer team’s final game of the season, I cannot help but reflect on Rapture Day 2011. As Morpheus loudly proclaimed in The Matrix Reloaded, “We are still here!” I am a little depressed about the whole deal. As our Rapture …

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Islam Versus The Enlightened World by Austin Young Michaels

Certain principles have ushered the Western world into the most technologically advanced culture to ever inhabit the Earth. Many of these principles are the direct result of the Enlightenment period in Europe. These principles include free speech, freedom to pursue happiness, life, liberty, freedom from tyranny, equality, and more. These principles, through fighting and revolution, replaced …

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Round 2 with Rabbi Shmuley: Atheist Chaplains?

Somehow I always seem to stumble upon Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s articles on Huffington Post. Maybe this is because I survey the Religion section for interesting articles and he is a featured writer. This time he was targeting the idea of “atheist chaplains” in the military. Rabbi Shmuley references a New York Times article, which includes …

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An Interview with Jessica Ahlquist (Rhode Island Prayer Banner Controversy)

Jessica Ahlquist Portrait

Jessica Ahlquist is a sophomore at Cranston Public High School in Cranston, Rhode Island. She has recently been in the news for advocating the removal of a prayer banner in her school’s auditorium which contains the worlds “Our Heavenly Father” and “Amen”. While this may seem like a clear cut separation of church and state issue, the school is fighting the …

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