Category: Ask An Atheist Booth Recap

True events from the weekly 'Ask An Atheist' Booth held every Saturday in Balboa Park, in the central San Diego. Some names and details may be changed for privacy and to confuse potential stalkers and crazy people.

Ask-an-Atheist Booth log: Jun 13 2015

Today was a slow day at the Ask-an-Atheist booth, but still had some interesting people. A woman walking around wearing giant sandwich board signs proclaiming that UFOs are a sign that all religions are true got very angry when questioned about how that could be possible, since all major religions demand exclusivity. “My beliefs are …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jun 6 2015

A nice but slower day at the ask-an-atheist booth in Balboa Park. Today I kept track of the people I talked to: * 25 people came to the booth just to give support and/or a “thumbs up” * 2 people came over to yell “Jesus saves”, one was wearing a big sign with that written …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: May 16 2015

Crazy day in the Ask-An-Atheist booth today…. over 10 hours! Started off with a kid running by while projectile vomiting. Then had lots of visits from atheists from around the US stopping by to see what we were doing. Then had a couple of very well dressed 30-ish women wearing crosses come over with so …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth log: May 2 2015

Funniest visitor to the ‘Ask An Atheist’ booth today: An older couple stopped by and intently told me that she ‘knows’ God is real because she felt him after an operation. She kept repeating ‘he is real’, then said “and you need to follow the Bible”. I replied, “You mean the Bible that condones slavery, …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Apr 25 2015

I’m usually verbal-only about these things, but today I kicked the “abortion” sign off of the restaurant’s sign that these “loving” Christians decided to hijack. These are the same people that decided to parade through Earth Fair last week with giant posters of abortions — the guy with the blue hat was one of the …

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