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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jul 11 2015 – Pogo Joins In!

One of the booth volunteers as been bringing his bird Pogo to help us work the booth.  Pogo is chatty and well behaved, and a huge hit with the kids! Today was almost too dull because there were so many ATHEISTS in the crowd!  Usually we get quite a few thumbs ups and people who …

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Atheist Group visits a Creationist Museum

Yes, you read the title correctly — a group of us atheists decided to do our best to keep our mouths and minds closed and visit the Creationist “Museum” in Santee, California.  I have to use quotes around the word “museum” because that would imply that there are some actual artifacts, and there are none …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth log: Jun 13 2015

Today was a slow day at the Ask-an-Atheist booth, but still had some interesting people. A woman walking around wearing giant sandwich board signs proclaiming that UFOs are a sign that all religions are true got very angry when questioned about how that could be possible, since all major religions demand exclusivity. “My beliefs are …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jun 6 2015

A nice but slower day at the ask-an-atheist booth in Balboa Park. Today I kept track of the people I talked to: * 25 people came to the booth just to give support and/or a “thumbs up” * 2 people came over to yell “Jesus saves”, one was wearing a big sign with that written …

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Is there harm in being Casually Religious?

At the ‘Ask an Atheist’ booth I’m often told there is “no harm” in being “casually religious”. I usually just rattle off the top 5 reasons in my head, but I think it’s probably better that I present them with a complete list of the harm caused by being part of a religion. Perhaps you …

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