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Ask-An-Atheist Booth Log: Feb 13 2016

The weather was absolutely perfect today — mid 70’s, a light breeze, and clear blue skies!  It’s also a holiday weekend, which brought the tourists out in droves to Balboa Park, where our Ask-An-Atheist Booth was ready for business as always! We had barely finished setting up when Jackpot and I were approached by a 50-ish …

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How to Start your own Ask-an-Atheist Booth

We mostly meet tourists at our Balboa Park Ask-An-Atheist Booth, and we’ve had more than a few discussions about what is involved.  I would love to see this happen across the country, and around the world! I’ve only encountered one other person who was involved in a booth like ours, and his group set one …

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Outreach Booth Idea: Century Heaven Real Estate

It’s always fun to think of new ideas for getting religious people to actually THINK about their beliefs, and attempt to apply logic to the concepts they claim to follow. The idea of heaven is always a fun one because it’s so full of logical contradictions.  I’ve been told by many religious people that in …

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Ask-An-Atheist Booth: Jan 16 2016

Today was another beautify day in the park, with lots of tourists strolling by enjoying the 70-ish weather.  A perfect day to Ask An Atheist! Dante brought his… I don’t know what you call it, the “Japanese thing” that makes the very Japanese sound when you play it.  He’s quite good, although he tells me …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jan 2 2016

We were a bit overstaffed today so I didn’t get to talk to as many people as usual. 2 different pairs of girls visiting from Israel thought our booth was great, and took a bunch of photos of me fake-praying at the table. A young guy who recently moved here from China asked about joining …

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