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Why is this a website and not a facebook group?

Facebook facing criticism after removing major atheist pages. http://www.dhakatribune.com/world/2016/jun/20/facebook-facing-criticism-after-removing-major-atheist-pages

Christianity is about avoiding moral responsibility

“Christianity is about avoiding moral responsibility. They literally think they’re saved no matter how evil they are, because Jesus has forgiven them. They’ve been absolved of their sins and that means they can maintain the delusion of self righteousness when they’re bullying non Christians, who had the audacity to be born with “original sin.” Morality …

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Best Day EVER at the Ask An Atheist Booth!

Some days are better than others at the weekly Ask-An-Atheist booth, but this Saturday was huge — there was singing and dancing, there was yelling, there were happy recently converted atheists, there were Christian apologetics, there were bibles slammed down onto the table, there were hands thrown into the air in frustration, there were people …

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EarthFair Atheist Booth at Balboa Park

The SDCOR group purchased a spot for the atheist booth at today’s EarthFair in our usual location, Balboa Park. This annual event draws 50,000 – 70,000 people, and it’s a very different demographic: It’s attended almost entirely by San Diego residents. As you see from the photos, there are hundreds of vendors so space is …

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Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: April 16 2016

With a perfect spring San Diego day and blue skies overhead I was expecting large crowds and a quiet day at the booth, but things turned out differently.  I did something I rarely do — raised my voice in frustration, and all within a few minutes of opening. We had barely finished setting up and …

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