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Church of the Godless: The Ethical Society of St. Louis

Church of the Godless exterior

As I was enjoying my time back in my hometown of St. Louis over the winter break from my studies at Boston University, I was driving westbound down Clayton Road from Downtown when I noticed just past the Galleria a building that appeared like a futuristic chapel or church. It bore the standard marquee sign …

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An Atheist’s Message: Please Read About Your Religion (and the rest of them)

There is an oft-quoted colloquialism that suggests the best way to encourage someone towards atheism is to give them a Bible. Actress and comedian Julia Sweeney’s monologue “Letting Go of God” exemplifies this tried-and-true method of the emergence of skepticism through the study of holy texts. She discusses a reinvigoration of her Catholic faith that …

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Is Atheism a Religion? (And Do Atheists have Faith?)

As an atheist, I have truly grown to hate the title. Not because it holds ridiculous negative connotations, or because it is a title that is completely misunderstood, but because it legitimately says nothing. People define themselves by what they believe, not by what they reject (how many people do you hear calling themselves non-liberals …

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The Intelligence of Design

The world is a beautiful place. The tides of the sea, the sun setting on the golden plain, the immortal ripples of lakes in the mountains. How could such an intricate and wondrous thing ever come to be by pure chance? If you find a shiny silver watch in the woods, does it not follow …

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One Peppermint Mocha Please, Hold the Jesus and the Whipped Cream

A cursory glance inside the nearest department store makes it clear that Christmas has arrived. Shoppers flock to Macy’s, churches prop up trees and nativity scenes, and the Starbucks baristas bring out the extra peppermint syrup for extra holiday cheer with your morning caffeine fix. While many voices in the media (especially the Christian voices) …

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