Ask-an-Atheist Booth log: May 2 2015

Funniest visitor to the ‘Ask An Atheist’ booth today: An older couple stopped by and intently told me that she ‘knows’ God is real because she felt him after an operation. She kept repeating ‘he is real’, then said “and you need to follow the Bible”.

I replied, “You mean the Bible that condones slavery, rape, and incest?” She said “The bible doesn’t condone slavery!”. I replied, “not only does it condone slavery in several books, but it tells you how best to beat your slave to death. Let’s read some passages…” and I turned to get a Bible. She got a panicked look on her face, and her husband forcefully pull her away while yelling something about me being “swine”.

So there ya have it… a “faithful Christian” who didn’t read her Bible, but the person who did and was ready to share a bible reading with her is “swine”.

Lots of fun people stopped by too… closet atheists are everywhere!