Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: May 16 2015

Crazy day in the Ask-An-Atheist booth today…. over 10 hours!

Started off with a kid running by while projectile vomiting. Then had lots of visits from atheists from around the US stopping by to see what we were doing. Then had a couple of very well dressed 30-ish women wearing crosses come over with so serious questions. For some reason they split up, one stayed with me and the other talked to another staff member. After about 20 minutes the other girl collapse and then was sobbing loudly. I think they were thinking of leaving the church and it got overwhelming.

Then we had 3 young Russian guys here on a business trip, who told me they angry that Russian schools are starting to force religion into kids. Next was an engineer who was very excited about string theory and how it connects us to 7 planes (?), then a tall 25-ish Jewish girl who was quite assertive but good natured, who at one point in her FIVE HOUR visit was debating with 6 guys against her at once. Next we a young couple from the deep south, he’s an atheist and she’s a Baptist “very religious”, but she stayed over a 1/2 hour and put a lot of thought in to my questions. Next was a couple in their 40s, former Jehovah’s Witness, then Christian, and realizing the Bible is a terrible book as they’ve read it. At least 1/2 hour of questions that sounded like they were preparing to escape religion.

Then came a gorgeous lesbian couple who I spend over an hour with talking with them about how to talk to their parents about religion. I think I have them talked into joining our group and talking to others. Finally 3 Muslim guys from Saudi Arabia came over with some of the usual basic questions, and we learned a bit about Islam. They seemed so happy that we were friendly to them and willing to listen to them, made me kind of sad to think that others have apparently been rude to them. After about 1/2 hour of discussion they all eagerly shook our hands and said they might be back with more questions for us.