Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jun 6 2015

A nice but slower day at the ask-an-atheist booth in Balboa Park. Today I kept track of the people I talked to:

* 25 people came to the booth just to give support and/or a “thumbs up”

* 2 people came over to yell “Jesus saves”, one was wearing a big sign with that written on it.

* 9 people were theists with questions.

* 10 people were non-believers who were interested in joining our group.

*1 20ish girl sneaked over, tossed $1 on our table, and said “shhh my parents are Catholic!” and ran back over to her parents side. Hilarious.

*1 family somewhat recently immigrated from Iran and were OVERJOYED that our booth was there. They also had an uncle with them who illegally sends atheist materials to Iran.