Ask-an-Atheist Booth log: Jun 13 2015

Today was a slow day at the Ask-an-Atheist booth, but still had some interesting people.

A woman walking around wearing giant sandwich board signs proclaiming that UFOs are a sign that all religions are true got very angry when questioned about how that could be possible, since all major religions demand exclusivity. “My beliefs are my own business” she said as she stomped off… with her giant signs on front and back.

We had 22 “drive-by thumbs ups”, a little under last week. Talked to 2 separate pairs of missionaries who had questions that were too good for them to stay in their faith. All 4 said they planned to read the bible, which is a certain path to atheism.

Quite a few fun chats with semi-believers and other atheists visiting San Diego on vacation.

Had 1 “hijacking”. A woman came up to me appearing on the verge of tears and asked if I would talk to her after she went and got a drink. As I told her I would be happy to, another woman stepped up to her and said “You need to go back over there to the Christianity booth, they have answers for you”. The woman didn’t answer her, but told me she would be back and walked towards the food area. Then I noticed that the other woman was waiting for her on the next corner, and I could see she was preaching. The woman never came back.

It’s sick and twisted how Christians take advantage of someone that needs help, and exploits that vulnerability to sell their snake oil and take her money. I should have walked over when I saw the woman being ambushed by the pushy Christian.