Ask-an-Atheist Booth Log: Jan 2 2016

We were a bit overstaffed today so I didn’t get to talk to as many people as usual. 2 different pairs of girls visiting from Israel thought our booth was great, and took a bunch of photos of me fake-praying at the table. A young guy who recently moved here from China asked about joining our group, which would be great because he speaks Manderine and would be able to speak to Chinese tourists. Next I spoke to 2 different pairs of people from India, who wanted to know why there would be the need for such a booth in “free” America. Both seemed to be a son with his mother, and both mothers had the red dot and Hindu dress. Both seemed to have other family members standing off to the side.

atheist poll resultsNext was a guy visiting the park with his 2 British friends. He seemed annoyed at the booth, and claimed that no atheists have had any problems “for at least 200 years”. Several of us corrected him on that, but it turns out that this British friends were strong atheists and well read on atheist books… poor guy may have had a difficult ride home 🙂

Had a fairly long chat with a young family of 3, who spoke very clear American English, and all appeared to be a Hispanic, if I were to guess. The male asks same fairly basic questions about atheist points of view on various items, but he seemed really pleased with my answers and extremely polite and had a big smile… something was up, he wasn’t responding as an atheist or Christian, so I asked. He said they are Muslim, and he was very pleased that I was so easy to talk to and willing to answer his questions. He said I was the first atheist I had met. I still remember his giant smile as he thanked me 2 more times and shook my hand 2 more times. First step to a conversion?

Next up was another Muslim, this one a bit combative while staying polite, and his African American friend who I learned was Christian. He was intent on telling me about the formation of Islam for some reason, and his friend was not very happy about that. They were funny.

Somewhere in there a radio show producer came up and asked who would like to be a guest on his show, so I pointed him to our experts on astronomy, history, Bible scripture, Koran scripture, cold readings, etc.