An Attempted Conversation with a Muslim from Saudi Arabia

20160618_173946The man in the blue shirt with the beard approached the Ask-An-Atheist table today and said that he is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia and had some questions for us.

This is the weekend after the Orlando shooting by a Muslim in the name of ISIS, so I was particularly interested in hearing what he had to say. Unfortunately, I got to hear little from him, because another person from our group (seen in the red shirt)  with a history of offending booth visitors decided to jump in with his usual long-winded sermons, full of graphic language and off-topic rants.  Even worse, he repeatedly physically touched this person, which is offensive to many, and technically a violation of the law.
2 weeks ago this same person interrupted a great discussion with 2 young Christian woman from a Christian college, who were very engaged and interested in learning about atheism — until this person stepped in with his propeller hat (not joking) with another expletive filled tirade that made our group look like a bunch of obnoxious jerks.  He’s an intelligent person and makes good points at times, but can’t seem to deliver his communication without vile language and anger.

The decidedly un-structured nature of the group has a lot of benefits, and we have a nice group of people who show up regularly and show each other respect, and show the booth guests respect.  Unfortunately, that’s not the goal for one particular