‘ASK AN ATHEIST’ Booth in Balboa Park, San Diego

Nearly every Saturday (weather permitting), a mixed group of atheists, agnostics, and Humanists man an “Ask An Atheist” booth in San Diego’s Balboa Park.


It began in 2012 as an outreach to other local atheists to let them know about the local organizations that exist, but it has functioned more as an opening to (mostly) very polite conversation about religion with everyone from the very religious to people “on the fence” to atheists.  The booth is frequently visited by religious missionaries, church groups, curious tourists from around the world, passive atheists, and “angry” atheists.

Questions are always welcome, and the booth staff has a wide variety of professional backgrounds including biology, cosmology, history, philosophy, and theology.  They also have a wide variety of religious backgrounds and include former Muslims, Mormons, Evangelical Christians, and some who ‘never did really give a ‘f*ck’.

The booth is generally open from 10am until sunset each Saturday, and is located near the Prado Restaurant, just a short walk from the religious recruitment booths.