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February 2016 archive

Christians Caught on Video Recruiting Young Children

Our Ask-an-Atheist booth is a short walk from a set of religious booths, and on a couple of occasions we’ve had visitors from other countries express their anger that the Christian groups literally went after their young children. Today while shooting background footage for this website, I accidentally caught these despicable people in action. This …

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A Visit to the Ask-a-Muslim Booth

During a break today from the Ask An Atheist Booth I paid a visit to the Ask a Muslim booth, which sets up every Saturday in Balboa Park, just a short walk from our booth. As you see from the photos, their booth is professionally designed with messaging clearly visible from all sides.  Inside the …

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Atheist Booth 02/13/16

Another great day in San Diego. Helped set up around 10:00am. We moved to the shaded side of the Prado in anticipation of an 80f + afternoon. The morning was busy with quite a few atheists stopping to talk and to let us know that they are glad we are out representing.  Some very interesting …

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Ask-An-Atheist Booth Log: Feb 13 2016

The weather was absolutely perfect today — mid 70’s, a light breeze, and clear blue skies!  It’s also a holiday weekend, which brought the tourists out in droves to Balboa Park, where our Ask-An-Atheist Booth was ready for business as always! We had barely finished setting up when Jackpot and I were approached by a 50-ish …

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How to Start your own Ask-an-Atheist Booth

We mostly meet tourists at our Balboa Park Ask-An-Atheist Booth, and we’ve had more than a few discussions about what is involved.  I would love to see this happen across the country, and around the world! I’ve only encountered one other person who was involved in a booth like ours, and his group set one …

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