April 2011 archive

An Interview with Jessica Ahlquist (Rhode Island Prayer Banner Controversy)

Jessica Ahlquist Portrait

Jessica Ahlquist is a sophomore at Cranston Public High School in Cranston, Rhode Island. She has recently been in the news for advocating the removal of a prayer banner in her school’s auditorium which contains the worlds “Our Heavenly Father” and “Amen”. While this may seem like a clear cut separation of church and state issue, the school is fighting the …

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Dinner with Brother Jed and Co.

George Smock

George Edward Smock, better known to college students as Brother Jed, has preached on at least 1 campus in all 50 of the United States of America. He visits colleges to inform whoever will listen of the fires of hell that await the sinning college students that do not submit to God’s will. Most of …

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A Good Friday for All of Us

Today is Good Friday. For Christians, it is something of a paradox. They have good reason to mourn on Good Friday because it commemorates the brutal execution of their hero. But they also have good reason to celebrate because he did it for them, and for some reason that got them all retractable tickets to …

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Ask An Atheist Day 2011

Ask-An-Atheist Day Poster

Today is National Ask An Atheist Day, sponsored by the Secular Student Alliance and many other skeptical organizations around the United States. Our goal is to increase understanding about atheism and atheists and allow those with concerns about non-belief and non-believers to ask questions or voice concerns. If you have any questions you would like …

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The Imprisonment of Belief

What do you think of when I juxtapose Prison and God? One thought that comes to mind is the conversion stories of prisoners to Christianity. As a pre-pubescent teenager who went to church and even occasionally youth group, I heard the stories of men — never women — who found God in prison. The chorus …

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