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February 2011 archive

Judaism: A Result of Bloody Expansion

The Bible is a historically inaccurate books constructed by the people who chose to give their beliefs primacy over the competing faiths of the region. Historiography is the topic of debate for most historians who work in the field today. Historiography is the writing of history by individuals using beliefs, experiences and biases to emphasize …

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Why God Is Not Beyond Us

The classic Christian apologetics fallback: God is beyond us. Beautiful, efficient, and successful–but weak. God works in mysterious ways, they say. When a Christian defender of the faith is defeated in a battle of logic, the only way for him to respond without conceding defeat is to either ignore the critic’s point altogether or to …

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Bishop Rice Targets Atheist Community

by Ben Conover St. Louis, MO. On Thursday, February 10th at De Smet Jesuit High School in Creve Couer, MO, the students and faculty of the school entered the gymnasium for the Father Pierre De Smet Birthday Mass. The school was honored with hosting Bishop Edward Rice, a newly-appointed bishop for the Archdiocese of St. …

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The Logical Flaws of Creationism: A Darwin Day Special

(article by Austin Young Michaels) There are only two types of creationists: the dishonest, and the ignorant. This statement may seem like a vicious attack on over 40% of the American population; however, the argument stands. This is not a cheap atheist stunt in order to inflame believers. It is barely an opinion. It is …

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The Soul of an Atheist

Daniel Hart L’Ecuyer In the pursuit of more unitive communication on issues of theology and spirituality, I would like to contest this particular statement made by Libby O’Neil in her recent article entitled -Why yes… I did just use math in my Christian Spirituality class:- –At its core, spirituality is just religion, which stems from …

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