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Atheist Rap Music – Yep, it’s a Thing!



Great work by “Baba”!

Support this guy!  https://www.patreon.com/bababrinkman

What a Nice Surprise! A Church On Church Protest in San Diego!

Protesters led by the Rev. Dermot P. Rodgers outside Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Photo by Chris Stone

Protesters led by the Rev. Dermot P. Rodgers outside Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Photo by Chris Stone

Last week news went viral about a church on San Diego that sent members political materials promoting candidate Donald Trump, and explicitly stating that  it’s a “mortal sin to vote Democrat”.  Since this is a clear  violation of the IRS code that allows churches to operate tax free, the church leaders were singing and dancing and pointing fingers to avoid blame for their actions.

But this week, something awesome happened – another church PROTESTED the offending church!  How awesome is that?   It’s great to see media coverage of this protest.



Bill Maher on the Extreme Hypocrisy of Christians voting for Trump

Bill Maher Talks with President Obama about Atheism

One week before the 2016 Election, Bill Maher sat with President Obama and discussed atheism, among other topics for Real Time with Bill Maher.  I wish he had made a stronger statement, but overall it wasn’t bad.

There is a strange history behind this interview – Maher contributed $1 million towards President Obama’s campaign, and over the years the President has appeared on literally every major TV comedy show EXCEPT Bill’s Real Time show.  In the summer of 2016, Maher asked viewers to participate in a Change.org campaign to have President Obama appear on Real Time before his term ended.  This interview is the result of that push.



An Attempted Conversation with a Muslim from Saudi Arabia

20160618_173946The man in the blue shirt with the beard approached the Ask-An-Atheist table today and said that he is a Muslim from Saudi Arabia and had some questions for us.

This is the weekend after the Orlando shooting by a Muslim in the name of ISIS, so I was particularly interested in hearing what he had to say. Unfortunately, I got to hear little from him, because another person from our group (seen in the red shirt)  with a history of offending booth visitors decided to jump in with his usual long-winded sermons, full of graphic language and off-topic rants.  Even worse, he repeatedly physically touched this person, which is offensive to many, and technically a violation of the law.
2 weeks ago this same person interrupted a great discussion with 2 young Christian woman from a Christian college, who were very engaged and interested in learning about atheism — until this person stepped in with his propeller hat (not joking) with another expletive filled tirade that made our group look like a bunch of obnoxious jerks.  He’s an intelligent person and makes good points at times, but can’t seem to deliver his communication without vile language and anger.

The decidedly un-structured nature of the group has a lot of benefits, and we have a nice group of people who show up regularly and show each other respect, and show the booth guests respect.  Unfortunately, that’s not the goal for one particular